1. How long does it take for my order to arrive?

    Generally speaking our orders arrive at their destinations within 10 business days but this is not guaranteed since we are dependent on the postal services. Shipping is not an exact science: weather, terror alerts, shipping restrictions, time of the year, etc… all play a role. Sometimes packages can get delayed.

    2. Wrong address policy.

    If you have given a wrong address during the ordering process and your order was shipped before you could inform us, we will have to wait until your order gets back to us until we can reship. Once shipped, your address cannot be changed by you, the postal services, or by our customer service department.
    If you have emailed us before prior to shipping, we do not guarantee that we can change your address. We will try our best but we cannot guarantee it.

    3. You received a damaged item.

    If an item within your order is damaged upon arrival DO NOT USE THE DAMAGED ITEM OR TRY TO FIX THEM. Please email us.Include your order number and a clear picture of the damaged item with the support request or the email.If necessary, we can request you to return us all the damaged items.

    4. Where do you ship to?

    To any country in the world that has a postal service and/or FEDEX or UPS.

    5. How do I pay for my pipe(s)?

    You can pay using any major credit card on our secure server.  If you do not feel comfortable ordering on-line, call in with your credit card number.
    We also offer COD mode of payment.

    6. What is the minimum order quantity?

    As we keep serving to the Clients all over the world, we may be out of the Stock for some of the products you may order. So, the minimum order quantity required $200 of total product.

    7. What are the terms of payment?

    Our terms of payment are 100% in advance including freight charges before the dispatch of shipment. The delivery time would be calculated from the time receipt of an advance from you.